Mega Man Legends is a game that pushed my dream to make my own games when I was young. It turned 23 on December 18th. It has now been missing in action for twenty years.

Just as we intended Entertainment Hero to help fill the void left by Mega Man Classic's long hiatus...

WINDZEN is trying its hand at creating a similar experience.

There are many games being made that cite Legends as an inspiration, but largely resemble the series only visually. None of them to our knowledge commit themselves entirely to the gameplay style that the Legends series laid out. That's the primary goal of Halcyon Days.

The project aims to play and feel like the best elements of Mega Man Legends 1 and 2 put together. One seamless map with a bright upper world + a dark unnerving underground network to explore from Legends 1, combined with the ease of play and fluid controls of Legends 2.

We are under no illusion that we are capable of putting out a perfectly polished experience. That said we're striving to include EVERYTHING the Legends series had.

The Overworld will feature a singular location to run around in with a big city, a forest, a lake and more areas. The map has explore-able building interiors, stores to purchase gear from, unique NPCs to speak with, mini games, items to find that combine into equip-able weapons.

The underground is where you'll put those purchases and crafted weapons to the test against dangerous robotic enemies bent on keeping you out of their domain, accompanied by deep, atmospheric slow music tracks.

First Prototype Footage

December 20th 2020


Improving Ara's Model

New Animations for Ara - Done!

Blending Movement Animations - Done!

Designing Our First Enemy - Done!

Texturing the Environment - Above Ground

Texturing the Environment - Beneath Ground

(No assets from Mega Man Legends will appear in Halcyon Days.

Windzen is not affiliated with

Mega Man or CAPCOM.)

Screenshot 2021-01-05 21.49.41.png

- Update 1 -

Ruins First Look

Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.30.11.png

- Update 2 -

speeds, blends

- Update 3 -

Balkon Machines


- Update 4 -

proto mini-map

- Update 5 -

Locking on