The second Halcyon Days update shows the way animations blend and introduces Ara's Jet Mode.

In this second clip of gameplay footage Ara speeds up from Idle to Walk to Run and finally to Jet Mode propulsion. Unlike our previous games Ara's 3D animations blend together based on the player's speed for a more natural look to movement.


We've re-used Entertainment Hero 2 textures to liven up the prototype Ruin from Update 1. Hero 2's Control Station levels were themed on original PlayStation games so borrowing some visuals for placeholders here felt appropriate!

Jet Mode Speeds Things Up!

Mega Man Legends featured unlockable Jet Skates that allowed Mega Man to travel quickly on wheeled shoes. We're unsure whether ours will be available from the start but we have our Halcyon Days equivalent! Skate in all directions for an unlimited time, but be weary of the limited visibility in the underground ruins!

While it will blend with Ara's normal movement animations, Jet Mode is button activated.

Like Mega Man did, Ara always tries to face her upper body in the direction the camera is facing unless she's moving backwards towards the camera itself. At this point in time turning Ara too far in one direction results in her model breaking apart in a few different ways, as shown in the left and right screenshot. Improving her model and animation rig is a planned topic for a future update!

Screenshot 2021-01-07 11.29.54.png