Don't forget where you've been.

The underground ruins all have mini-maps that tell you where you are. Whether the maps are filled out from the start of your exploration is still being decided but here's the first look!

This is only a prototype. The final map will have more color and a cleaner look.

Our inspiration series only showed you where you are and where you came from, but we're considering having the enemies appear on the map once they've spotted you and have begun to give chase!

The map follows Ara's position around the ruin.

Currently that's all it does, but we're working to add:

Color, Doors, Items, Your Entry Point, Exits to the Surface, Elevators to other floors,

and more.

In the following video you'll notice placeholder interface elements we're using while we put equippable weapons together. They will be replaced with unique UI pieces as time goes on.

Here's the mini map in action:

Check Ara's position on

the mini map here!