The Third Halcyon Days Update brings the first look at the robots that inhabit the underground portion of the game.

Tentatively named "Balkon" machines, these enemies patrol the underground specifically to keep you out. Some walk, some stand guard, some activate traps, some exist only to alert the other Balkon in the nearby rooms.


This particular one is named Balkon Rontig. Its eye spins around the room. If you are spotted it will give chase until you flee far enough or it gets close enough to bash you with its two club arms. 

The Modeling Process

Modeling Balkon Rontig took a little more than three hours. We model in Blender (for the time being) and we're getting more proficient at it every day. Since Rontig is the first we also had the task of choosing a general look and tone to the entire series of Balkon enemies so things took a bit longer than future enemies will.


Here's a small look into how things went: