The first Halcyon Days update brings us deep underground to show off the prototype Ruin area. 

This dark, interconnected place snakes around below the over world map. Multiple entrances and exits make it a form of fast travel once you know your way around.

The underground is where you'll fight the majority of the enemies that you'll face across the game.


The height of each room can vary wildly.

Mega Man Legends 2 featured taller and shorter rooms more than the original game did but the design of the ruins largely became linear hallways with branching paths.

We plan to have more platforming challenges than the Mega Man Legends series featured in the ruins. Of course, our plan is to resemble Legends as much as possible so if we find it changes the pace or the feel too much the focus on platforming will be dialed down.


He hasn't seen us yet.

This big guy is a stand-in for the enemies lurking in the shadows. They'll often spot you before you spot them but you can use your speed and airborne mobility to evade them while you take them down.

(No assets from Mega Man Legends will appear in Halcyon Days.

Windzen is not affiliated with Mega Man or CAPCOM.)


The ruins provide plenty of room to move. 

The shapes you'll run around in will all be different. Some are simple and some are complex. Not every ruin will keep the"low-poly" presentation. We don't plan on having stage gimmicks like Legends 2 (water ruin, fire ruin, grass ruin, etc..) but some ruins will have more complex geometry than others do.

The enemies may or may not follow suit and match the ruin's graphical presentation. We'll figure that out in a future update!


There's much still to figure out.

As you can see in this last screenshot, the camera will pop out of the map geometry if the player rotates it too close to the wall. This lets you see out-of-bounds areas and the outer walls of the map's other rooms.


We don't personally care enough to see this as a big problem, in fact, we see it as adding to the old-school PS1/N64 charm, but it's something often deemed unprofessional when seen in video games today.


Let us know if you'd prefer that it stays or goes at !