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Entertainment Hero

A show about video games, design, and fun! Join Entertainment Hero as he discusses what makes games the memorable experiences that we all love.

Here's Episode Number Two!

Wait, This is "Lo-Fi"?!

(Episode 1 was removed, as Episode 5 improves on it!)

This second episode talks about the "rise" of the smartphone age, and why it isn't quite all it's cracked up to be. This is a touchy subject for me as most people, namely those who don't play games, blow it entirely out of proportion. Since the year 2008 I've been told many times by many people that the convenience and software prices of smart phones (and later tablets got included in this oft-repeated idea) would destroy dedicated gaming hardware. Here's why that's not happening.


This episode was meant to be a short one, but after I got to writing I just couldn't stop! In truth, there are things concerning the cell phone scene that I left out, like knock-offs of popular games by other developers being a constant presence on "smart" platforms.

Episode Number Three is Finally Here!

One Jump Ahead


'Hero' and 'Villain' face off in a comical, over-defensive debate for 16-bit superiority! Whose take on Disney's classic film is more solid? What matters most in an adaptation?

Whose game is the better one? 


The better sounding?

The better looking?

The better designed?


Find out if they come to a consensus by watching Episode Three!

... just don't make any bets.

Here's Episode Number Four!

Just How Important is a Costume?


Have you ever been shopping for a game, movie or book and noticed something strange? The cover art has so many characters, and you can't spot the same one twice across sequels!


You want to enjoy the series but who's the lead character even? Isn't that annoying? Especially since a lot of people tell you it's a really good series. Let's talk about that for a bit, and hopefully learn to avoid causing that feeling in your fans.


In true Entertainment Hero fashion he discusses Kingdom Hearts, Mega Man and a situation unique to the world of gaming.

Episode Five!

The Mega Man Dilemma -REDUX-


Returning to the topic of Episode One, on its one year anniversary, Episode Five cleans up the info, adds gameplay footage, and makes it a much easier watch!


If you're a Battle Network fan, look over this info to learn how and why the sub-series tanked the Mega Man franchise.


I'm not so proud of Episode One anymore, so I decided that remastering it would be a fitting way to celebrate Entertainment Hero hitting it's one year anniversary!

What's Up Next?

What's Up Next?

What's Up Next?

Script --------- Complete!

Recording-- ---- Complete!

New Portraits --- Complete!

Editing -------- 2m/5m


Episode 6


Master Villain picks up the pace!


... or does he... ?


Master Villain has prepared a speech about his favorite series of games, and a particular detail surrounding them that new gamers have forgotten.


In a series where you've "Gotta Go Fast!", sometimes speed isn't everything. 


Master Villain is getting new slides and will be much less agitated when he's talking about his own games.


This episode is almost done, look forward to seeing it very soon! 


(Sorry for the delay! Work and other projects have slowed down video production, but it's on its way!)




Hero is being redrawn!


In mid-2014 when I was drawing out the original Entertainment Hero "wave" I was going fast to get the video done as soon as possible. Every mistake made in that slide was then carried over to every single slide that came after it.

Time to fix it!


Hero is getting his slides redrawn in time for Episode 7!


The emblem on his glasses are nicer, his shoulder lines up properly, the lines on his shirt are straighter, his right hand now has detail, his shirt and sleeves now fall properly. All in all, he looks much more professional!



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