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Entertainment Hero was ready!






Entertainment Hero came about when I realized that I had a lot of stuff to say and the GoNintendo comments page wasn't doing it for me anymore. For the past four years I would spend a large amount of time writing very long, thorough analyses on various topics and gaming happenings at When I discovered that their comments only stick around for about a year I set my mind on finding a more permenant, more fun, and more public means of voicing my opinions.


Entertainment Hero is a show that takes inspiration from many other internet talents like JonTron, and shows like Sequelitis and Cheshire Cat Studios. I wanted to utilize every ability in my arsenal so I quickly decided that the show would feature animated drawings of mine. I've been designing characters for many years now so I started work on a new character that embodied elements of gaming, particularly Nintendo.


My inspirations in terms of art direction include Keiji Inafune with Megaman, Dax Gordine with Bravo Man, and Fuboo who drew the artwork for Cheshire Cat Studios. I wanted the character's name to be "The Nintendo Entertainment Hero", but fearing what might happen if the word Nintendo stayed in the title, I decided to take it out. The name itself came about from an attempt to create a Nintendo themed hero in the MMO City of Heroes. Within two days my character had been renamed "Generic Hero 003576" and I had to rename him.


He started very rough in terms of design, but over time I got the elements down and began drawing out expression and position slides.



























I wanted a show that taught people things about certain gaming subjects in a fun way, with characters that embody certain aspects of the gaming industry. I wanted a show that everyone can watch and enjoy, whether they're learning about gaming's history for the first time or they know it like the back of their hand as I do. I hope that I've succeeded in these things so far, and each episode keeps getting better and better! Thanks for watching! I hope that with enough time this show can gain some real traction and help even more people into this beautiful industry.


If you'd like to play video games with me you can find me on:

PlayStation Network - NEHWind

Nintendo 3DS - 1075-0722-4693

Nintendo Network ID - WindsorNH

Steam - NEHWind


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