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In 2023 a big change hits Entertainment Hero 2

Every stage,

It's all getting overhauled!

Fixed Up Game Play, 3D Graphics, Stronger Storytelling, voice acting, More Powerful Soundtrack.

Every stage and boss arena is being remade with both game flow and game performance in mind.

Polycounts are down while detail and frame rates are way up!

Too much has changed to properly show off here.

Entertainment Hero 2 Logo .png


Electorso robots are big and imposing but the good news is that they can't move. They'll shoot missiles and electricity, so watch your footing!

new enemies

across the game you'll meet new enemies that better round out the gameplay and give each level more of a unique feel from one another.

Skyway coptergun

These little guys chase and shoot! Super easy.
One shot and they go down in smoke but they can crowd you faster than you might think!


New mechanics:

Entertainment Hero will finally climb ladders. This small change will bring a lot of improvements to the vertically oriented stage segments across the game. this also opens the door to many new enemy types!

2v2 Ladder.png
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