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Defend Famicity with newfound abilities.

training's over, hero!

the two of us

- September 9th, 2019 -


Here's a long-overdue progress update!

What's been going on with Hero 2?

Fast info:


The game is about 90% complete. All levels and bosses are present but require visual polish and tweaking before release.

The biggest element still being worked on is the cutscenes. This slow process requires hours of sketching, drawing, and animating the various components in each scene.

Many sound effects still need to be implemented properly while some need to be created.


Playtesting and bug-squashing are still on-going. the game is already more solid than the original but it's not quite where the two of us would like it yet.

Entertainment Hero 2 2019 Trailer




Like the first game, Entertainment Hero 2 has a bit of an unusual structure to level progression. The player has two options to choose from:


Standard Mode and Stage Mode.


In Standard Mode, the game's stages are played one after the other, with three lives until it's Game Over. Every stage gives the chance to earn a 1UP, so keep your eyes peeled for Hero Coins!


In Stage Mode, you can choose which stage you'd like to play from the eight stages detailed below. You have unlimited lives in Stage Mode, so use it for practice or for fun!






This is Hero's home! It's under attack from an unknown force and it's up to Hero to push the enemy back and discover who's behind this startling event!


In this stage, Hero is still as he was at the end of the original game. After the boss goes down at the end Hero obtains his new abilities!

Stage 1.png

Primary Skyway


This road leading out from Famicity is lifted high above the ground. Until recently it lead to the edge of Hero's domain but a new area awaits at the end!


Primary Skyway was hit hard in the attack, leaving much of it in pieces but now it serves as a great place for Hero to practice his new abilities!


Stage 2.png

Primary Skyway - Area 2


This area is farther than Hero has ever traveled before! Hero's new powers will be tested here, as he's up against traps and new enemies that test his speed and reaction time.


These buildings look more complex than Hero's own back in Famicity. Out of the corner of his eye Hero occasionally spots someone watching him from inside the fortress.

Stage 3.png

Border Garden Zone


This is the place all of the invaders launched from! With a massive tower in the center and a city in the back, Hero feels very small while exploring the place.


With new enemies and strange obstacles in his way, the path to the tower is perilous but Hero is up to the challenge.

Stage 4.png

Tower Base Conveyor


This high-speed elevator goes straight to the top of the tower, but the security forces aren't going to let Hero enjoy the ride!


Pass floor after floor and survive wave after wave until the elevator reaches its destination. Who, or what awaits at the very top?

Stage 5.png

Descending the Tower


The tower is just as dangerous to Hero as the land surrounding it! Dodge for your life as you explore every floor of the tower!


Every defense is activated to keep Hero from making it out in one piece. Stay on your toes and engage each trap one at a time.

Stage 6.png

Video Coming Soon!

Waterworks Cave Zone


This area is beneath Border Garden and provides the city with resources. Water, electricity, heat, you name it and it's probably down here.


The place is locked up tight, so to escape Hero will need to explore every last corner and collect the Keys to each door.

It shouldn't be too hard, right?

Stage 7.png

Construct Convoy


Even deeper underground than Waterworks Cave is this mysterious train, running forever in an endless loop never to be seen by those who live above ground.


Its purpose is long forgotten but Hero must leap across cargo boxes, enter train cars with filled with lava, and trust moving platforms to carry him to safety.

Stage 8.png


There are more stages beyond these eight if you play on Standard Mode!

Clear them all to play the final stages and see the adventure's end.

In addition, there are many secret areas waiting to be found.​





Area Transition Cutscene
Between Stages Cutscene

This cutscene takes place during Primary Skyway, bridging the gap between Area One and Area Two.


It shows Hero saying goodbye to Famicity. There are only a few of this type of cutscene in the game. They're placed to mark the significant differences in areas or to move a Boss Battle forward into its next phase.

This scene plays after defeating the boss of

Level 6 - 'Descending the Tower'

This leads straight into the stage,

Level 7 - 'Waterworks Cave Zone'.

This sort of scene is usually thirty seconds to a minute long to keep the flow of the game moving swiftly along.

As we mentioned in the game's reveal page there are also areas in the game where Hero can speak with other characters. These scenes are done in an unintrusive manner. Dialogue appears in the background of the stage along with portraits. The controls aren't taken from the player during these scenes, so you can stick around to read them or zoom right by!

That's all for now!

Keep an eye on www.gab.com/Windzen

for frequent updates on the game's features and progress.

We hope you're looking forward to

Entertainment Hero 2!


If you have suggestions or comments we'd love to hear them, so be sure to drop by!

Windzen - 2019

(Everything on this page represents a work in progress)




Cutscenes in Entertainment Hero 2 play out quickly, rarely going over a minute in length. They tell the story of the game and move things along. There's a cutscene after most stage and each boss battle. Here are two examples of cutscenes as they appear in the game!

Here's a look at how the cutscene art is made. We start with a paper sketch and work on it until we're happy with it and then move on to digital cleanup.

Here we fix up mistakes and make various changes to help the characters stay on-model and consistent throughout all the cutscenes. It's not our first priority but we think it's important.

Add in some color, shading, and lighting then you're good! It goes straight into the game and the work on the cutscene begins!

We try not to reuse these character art stills to keep each scene looking unique and interesting. There are many to see across the game so we hope you like watching them!

Video Coming Soon!