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(All images display an unfinished work in progress.)

High Res 2 v1.png

Longer levels. Vertical scrolling.

Dashing. Wall Climbing.

Boss fights.

Training's over, Hero.

-- Attention! --

This page and trailer launched back in April 2018.


The game has come quite a long way in the year it's been, so what you see here no longer represents the quality of the game!


We've got a big update coming soon so check back here in a bit!




The 2D artwork in Entertainment Hero 2 is significantly sharper than what was seen in the first game. Hero is much more animated this time around, without losing the simplistic and colorful style. He's also got a spiffy new look to go along with his new abilities. These comparisons show just how far the game has progressed.

High Res 2 v1.png

On the technical side of things, Entertainment Hero 2 improves on its predecessor by featuring 3D environments. Each level is designed on paper, then built and textured by hand. The shift to 3D surroundings allows for far more detailed backgrounds and scenery. The camera isn't static anymore, either. It will zoom in, zoom out, pan around to include things going on around Hero, and more.


There will be eleven stages if you don't count the numerous secret areas. Each one is designed with a different atmosphere and present different types of challenges. Unlike the original game these stages were built with some verticality. You'll need to make the most of Hero's new moves to get through! On top of that, not every stage is a simple dash from the right side to the left side. Some areas will call for exploration and problem solving!


Hero has more moves at his disposal this time around. Inspired by the classics of the 1990's, Hero can now dash, cling on and climb up the walls. Use these new abilities to navigate the environment and engage your enemies! Boss fights will require these abilities, so keep your wits about you! Hero's dash ability never ends so hold that button down for as long as you like!


(Wall clinging graphic pictured above is very temporary.)

Another exciting new element is the introduction of boss battles. The original Entertainment Hero sorely lacked these encounters to close each stage, so here they are! Here are two bosses that are fought early in the game, Eggoah the Giant and Magnik (Tentative names).

Eggoah the Giant tries to trap you with his orbs! This boss is fought before Hero gains his new powers but keep one step ahead of him and you'll do fine! He doesn't have much of a battery life so blast him when he's down!

Magnik is a giant cannon that fires lazers down on Hero! It'll use its magnets to bring the platform closer and try for a point blank hit! Be in position to shoot his core when it appears!

Jeremy Hathcock, co-founder of Windzen, returns as composer! Just as the gameplay has improved, so has the soundtrack. Entertainment Hero 2 features more total tracks than the original game and each stage theme is completely unique. Here are a few soundtrack samples, which also give a little insight into what each stage will be like.

(Composition and instrumentation are liable to change)

Primary SkywayJeremy Hathcock - Windzen
Waterworks Cave ZoneJeremy Hathcock - Windzen
Tower Base ConveyorJeremy Hathcock - Windzen

Entertainment Hero had small bits of story and world building hidden away in the backdrop and in the secret areas but it's now up at the forefront! After each boss is defeated there will be cutscenes to explain where the next stage is located and why it's important to Hero that he be there. These cutscenes can be skipped if you prefer to get right back into the action.


When characters meet inside a stage they'll speak to each other in the form of dialogue boxes and portraits that appear in the background. Control is never taken from the player so you're free to dash right past these if you've read them before or if they just don't interest you. The storytelling in Entertainment Hero 2 aims to be prominent but non-intrusive to how you play the game.

Here are two very early examples of these types of scenes in action:

(Cutscenes between stages)

(Interaction during stages)

High Res 2 v1.png

That's all for now! We'll provide more trailers and information in the coming months.

Entertainment Hero 2 is gunning for a release this October!


Possible release platforms are still being decided on and investigated.

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