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The first game by Windzen

which path will you take?

play four stages to reach the final showdown!

1 Intro Stage.png
Level Select 1.png
Quick Land.png
2 Metal.png
Level Select 3.png
Wood Land.png
Air Land.png
Level Select 2.png
Flash Land.png
Crash Land.png
Level Select 4.png
Heat Land.png
Bubble LAnd.png
Ground - GRID.png

Released October 2017, entertainment hero blasted onto steam as the first windzen game. after a long and troubled development entertainment hero turned out "just okay" by our evaluation.

it's essentially the game we put together while learning unity and it shows its primitive nature. at $1.99 we feel it's still a fun adventure to play through.

eight full-length stages await you before a final gauntlet to survive to reach the ultimate showdown.


Hero's responsive jumps and large shots make the game very accessible to young kids and new players, while still retaining a satisfying amount of challenge.


action platformers are known for killer soundtracks, and entertainment hero shines in this arena. composed by Jeremy Hathcock, Windzen's other half, the music breathes life into every stage and is available here to stream freely.

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