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Super Election

Capcom has had an incredible impact on my life. My first game was given to me at two years old in a GameBoy bought at a garage sale with Mega Man III inside. Today I own and lead a studio called 'Windzen' where I create games including a Mega Man inspired series called 'Entertainment Hero'.

My love for Capcom isn't as unwavering as it was when I was young but the new Mega Man games (Mega Man 11, Mega Man X DiVE) and Capcom's older titles (Resident Evil 2 1998, Mega Man - Maverick Hunter X) are very inspiring when I play and study games.

If you want my opinion on what Capcom is doing wrong-

I find that Capcom spends too much time and money on big games while also being strangely risk-averse compared to previous decades. The frequent AAA releases like Resident Evil and Monster Hunter shouldn't necessarily stop but Capcom should focus on self contained lower-budget higher-reward games like Mega Man 11, and new Japanese IPs. Remakes are a good way to keep costs down on paper but they should be supplemental to new games, not a replacement for them.

As games become more expensive to produce and market it's important not to lose sight of what's important in game design. It's important that you make games that are desired by gamers and resonate with them. It's not important that real clothing designers be consulted on or hired to design character outfits as happens over at Square Enix for in
stance. That's an entirely unnecessary sink hole of time and money.

Similarly, it is not important that Ashley Graham in Resident Evil 4 2023 utilizes a voice actor, a motion capture performer, a face model and a body scan model. That's a lot of people and a lot of money for one character. Take notes from the original Resident Evil 4 which succeeded without the extra bells and whistles of modern game development. Characters don't need to be photo-realistic or based on a real human being in face or body. Games can and have succeeded without this and those games are vastly cheaper to make as a result of forgoing these modernities.



The much bigger problem for Capcom is the catering they do to western sensibilities as perceived by ideologically-driven localizers who despise Capcom's audience and Japanese identity.

If, for instance, the localizers you've hired try to tell you that westerners won't like the sex appeal of Darkstalkers today fire them. They have proven they do not have your best interests in mind. The series is known and adored for the sex appeal. Bandai Namco took this advice for Dead or Alive 6 after seeking the council of a small handful of vocal western moral puritans, and that franchise has been put on ice after sales and player numbers plummeted. Bandai Namco was assured repeatedly that abandoning sex appeal would make the series "respectable" and that a wider "modern audience" was waiting to embrace it. That didn't happen because the mythical "modern audience" that the entire entertainment world has spent the last decade chasing is entirely fictitious.

It doesn't matter how early in the process the alterations are made, we can see localizer fingerprints all over it. These people should not play any part or have any influence whatsoever in Capcom's creative process at any stage, including re-releases like 'Ace Attorney Trilogy 2', a collection that won't be joining the first trilogy on my shelf because the gender ideologue localizers tortuously replaced harmless dialogue from the original English script because it implied a woman would want to wear dresses and other such statements on the typical, factual interests of women and girls.

Stop working with groups like "Dragonbaby", who are responsible for the above Ace Attorney changes, and "Sweetbaby", another group that regularly boasts about how much damage they do to Japanese creators. These are self-proclaimed ideological cancers that will turn your gamers against you and replace them with nothing and no one as Dead or Alive 6 discovered the hard way. Find translators who respect Capcom's legacy and creators, who understand Capcom's audience, who will stay out of the way and who will faithfully translate the work being done at Capcom. Gamers want Capcom games as they were designed, written and built unfiltered by any western lens.

Capcom gamers adore Capcom's Japanese identity even if and especially when it presents content that makes western "normies" uncomfortable. Gamers love attractive women, sex appeal, unrealistic character proportions, campy writing, stylized anime visuals, risque story moments and all of the other factors that were once hand-in-hand with Japanese games of all kinds.

We love Capcom's games and we don't want them destroyed in an attempt to court an audience of buyers that only exist in the imaginations of a small group of gender-obsessed western zealots.

With that done, please consider reviving Darkstalkers and Mega Man Legends.

Thank you for reading.

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