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How little is my life worth?

These monstrous things rose from the dirt.

From under the Castle's foundations.

I can't survive among them.

- I am only a guard.

How long have they been down here?

And who among us knew?

This is so very beyond me.

- I am only a guard.

Are my companions still breathing?

I find no sign of them here.

I pray but hear nothing back.

- I am only a guard.

Did I have a life above these depths?

Someone's here, slowly approaching.

The Prince of Vosst would talk to me?

- I am only a guard.

I can't protect you, highness.

I haven't the magic, nor have I the skill.

You say you won't leave me?

- I am only a guard.

How did I come to find you down here, highness?

Where is the brave woman, your protector?

Where is the other, of the Hero lineage?

- I am only a guard.

Past the purple mists and the broken stones we move.

Monsters stomp with such intimidation.

Highness speaks with such inspiration.

- I am your guard.

You seem wise beyond your years, highness.

The world could learn much from you.

I must escort you out of this pit.

- I am your only guard.

You are safely returned above.

I am sorry.

I am pierced.

I am dying.

I am drifting.


I am waking.

I am walking

We are different.

We are serving.

We are strong.

We are your only Guardian.

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