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Entertainment Hero features nine stages across direx's digital world.


There are eight to choose from and they're split into two different paths.


complete four stages and it's off to the final showdown! here's what we've got:

Not counting as one of the nine stages, the Intro Stage will teach you how to play without ever putting text on the screen or taking control from you. Learn as you play.

Shoot down obstacles, drop through certain floors, learn how far and high Hero can jump, leap across pitfalls, and more!

But you can skip it if you want!

Just how it should be!

Intro Stage

After the Intro Stage is complete you are offered the choice between two stages!

After that stage you'll have the next two stages to pick from!

You aren't locked into one path or the other, but after four stages you're zipped off to the finale!

path one

path two

Metal Land

Metal Land is a place of many sharp things. Razor blades, gears and spiked crushers. If you're not careful this stage will make paper dolls out of you!

Take note of the different types of Gearmen. Some you can destroy but most you need to avoid! Hero recognizes many locations on the screens, but some are a mystery to him.

Just don't jump too high!

Quick land

Quick Land will push you off the edge. Watch how you time your jumps! Shooting the Purple Orbs might be as dangerous then letting them hit you!

It looks like there's a lot going on in the background! I wonder what Direx is up too with all that. What are the Purple Orbs meant for? Are we over-analyzing here?

Just don't bounce too high!

Air Land

Air Land has Hero inside a ruined airship from a battle long forgotten. Old elevators still function to carry you through the stage, but that's not all that remains active!

Watch out for the engines, which still try to keep the shambles of the once mighty airship soaring. Keep an eye out for the security system, which includes floating fireballs and blocks that block the way!

Just don't look down!

Wood Land

Wood Land is a forested area, but it seems incomplete somehow. Did Direx not complete this place before letting Hero in? Surely those computing resources went somewhere, right?​

Keep your wits about you! Wood Land might have some surprises! These razor tree leaf blades look pretty sharp. Looks like you'll have to plan your moves carefully!

Just keep moving! Whatever you do, don't freeze!

Crash Land

Crash Land is the mechanical heart of this digital world. Security Orbs and moving platforms will test your skills! Study carefully before you jump on a platform, and watch closely before you jump off!


It would seem Direx is doing research and keeps his clues, results and findings scattered about Crash Land. Can you figure out what Direx is up to? 

Just don't get squished!

Flash Land

Flash Land is a spooky place that tries to trip you up! Not everything is as it seems in this strange stage! But it looks like you might have a guide...

Where is that purple smoke puff going? Is it the source of the glitches and missing components? Not even the light and shadow are on your side in this place.

Just follow the smoke! (but is that such a good id e a/ 

it isn't)

Bubble Land

Heat Land

Bubble Land is Direx's best attempt at digitizing an underwater environment. It seems like he's not quite there yet so "underwater" is closer to "jump as many times as you like".

Good thing, too, because Hero can't breath underwater! There's less traction here than usual and you can jump much higher. Use this to your advantage!

Just don't stand still too long!

Heat Land is a hot place with a lot of enemies! DirexBoxes will shoot at Hero on sight, so take them out quickly while dodging their fire. Some of them work in packs, so think ahead!

Watch that lava coming up from the floor and down from the ceiling! Hero isn't great with extreme temperatures, and that stuff looks really hot! Maybe Direx made this one too dangerous!

Just be careful what platforms you trust!

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