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Massive WINDZEN Update


Today I'd like to talk about Windzen's future and what we've been up too since the last post on... Wow, March 2017. It's been a year. Sorry about that!

Back in October Windzen launched Entertainment Hero on Game Jolt. We then released it on Steam in January. The reception to the game has been very warm and it met our humble expectations in the sales department. It's currently going for $1.99 at both outlets!

We've been hard at work on our next projects since Entertainment Hero wrapped up. We were too excited to take any breaks! We have one major project in the works that stands at about 45% complete. We have several smaller projects coming too.

Before we move forward I'd like to share a bit of Windzen history:

I started work on Entertainment Hero back in early 2016. I had every level planned out, enemies drawn, animations completed, Jeremy started work on the soundtrack and the game was up and running! It looked a little bit like this:

We quickly realized that most of our designs for the game were wildly out of our capability to put together. We had two stages done and a vehicle segment in the works before, with heavy hearts, we shelved the game and started work on a much more realistic project that became the Entertainment Hero that we released in October. We've taken to calling this original shelved incarnation "Hero Alpha".

While we worked on Entertainment Hero we eventually learned how to do just about everything that we had failed to put together for Hero Alpha. It was a bit too late to implement these more advanced features into Entertainment Hero, which was designed around simple gameplay very much intentionally. If we started changing things halfway through development the game would no longer be uniform, with a second half that plainly outclassed the first half. The other option, going back to the completed content for revision, would have taken too much time. We decided to leave Hero as is and complete the game according to our original somewhat bare-bones design.

We've folded everything we've learned from both projects into our next game. We can't wait to show it off properly and we won't have to wait much longer. Windzen's second game will be revealed here on the site on April 30th. A short while afterwards we'll reveal our other two projects. We plan to be very open about development progress in blog posts here on so we hope you look forward to that!

We'll check in again soon, we promise!

Loading screen

Entertainment Hero

Jeremy Hathcock

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