Entertainment Hero "Crash Land" Demo Release!

So there's good news and bad news!

The Entertainment Hero Demo is now available! That's the good news.

A bug is currently keeping Hero from respawning. That's the bad news.

I promised a Demo on March 3rd and I plan to deliver! I've adjusted the flow of the Demo to accommodate this bug, but it's still not perfect. When Hero dies you have to hit Alt+F4 to kill the demo and relaunch it. It doesn't take any time to get back into the action but this is still a serious drag, believe me, I know. I'm working hard to fix this bug and I'll re-upload a revised Demo as soon as I have it squashed.

Still, I wanted to stick to the plan and just re-upload the Demo once it's fixed rather than delay it for who knows how long and disappoint those looking forward to it. To quote one of my favorite game designers, "Please understand"!

Download the Entertainment Hero "Crash Land" Demo Here!


Tomorrow evening I'll be posting a list of issues that I'm aware of and things that will be fixed and added. Please enjoy the demo, buggy as it is, and let me know what you think of the game! The only thing in the world that I want to make a game that you will enjoy playing! I'd appreciate any help you give to make that happen!

Thanks for reading, thanks for playing, and thank you very much for your interest in Entertainment Hero!

Loading screen

Entertainment Hero

Jeremy Hathcock