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Entertainment Hero - Free Demo Incoming!

So here we are! Less than a week now until the launch of the Nintendo Switch! Companies are popping up all over the place showing their Dev Kits and talking about different types of units. Capcom even gave out a price! With embargos expiring and previews showing up it won't be long now until we get more info.

So with that happy news, here's the bad news: Entertainment Hero has no clear release date. I have no idea when dev kits will be available, when I'll get my hands on one, when Unity will update to allow for Switch builds, when Nintendo will approve the game, when they'll upload the game, and so on and so forth. A lot of blank points on this calender from the looks of it.

So with that bad news, here's more happy news. Entertainment Hero is getting a free demo on PC. It will contain the Intro Stage and Crash Land. Check out the Stages page for information on those two areas! There will be an open comments section here on the website for comments and feedback. I'll be taking all reactions to the demo into consideration then make any appropriate changes to the final game. Of course it will be important to keep in mind that the game is still a work in progress, and even though Crash Land is just about complete there are a lot of engine-related issues that I'm already aware of. If you've ever started up a Unity program you'll know that resolution and controls will be fully customizable. A controller is highly recomended!

So with that happy news, here's more happy news! The upside to having such an uncertain release schedule I can fully concentrate on polish and adding as much content as possible. The game will launch in a stronger form thanks to having more time to develop and improve it. I've got an epic final boss all drawn up and ready to animate who's much bigger and badder than the original concepts. I'll be cramming way more story details and hints at the bigger 'Entertainment Hero' picture into each stage than I thought I'd have time for, which is certainly a plus. I've added all kinds of small details like footsteps sounds for Hero and extra graphical effects for enemies.

In short, we have no release date but we've a demo and a much improved action-platformer coming your way! Sorry for the lack of footage these past two months. We're moving out of our current location and I've misplaced my capture device in the move and I just can't find it for the life of me. I've found other means of recording footage but they've turned out grainy, low resolution, low framerate or a combination of these and I just didn't want low-quality footage of the game floating around out there. The original launch trailer makes me cringe hard enough already!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your interest in Entertainment Hero!

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Entertainment Hero

Jeremy Hathcock

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