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It's dangerous out there. Kingdom Hearts III has been released in Japan. The story, the secrets, and everything else will be online in a matter of hours.

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"Careful. This is the last haven you’ll find here. Beyond, there is no light to protect you. But don’t be afraid. Your heart is the mightiest weapon of all."


Set this page as your homepage to remind you what lurks out there when you fire up your browser. Absent minded, habit-driven browsing to our favorite sites, YouTube, social media, TV Tropes, you name it, can lead us straight to things we'd rather not see yet.

The Kingdom Hearts story has been a constant for fifteen years. For some us, that's most of our lives. Some people will have all of the plot points ruined before they ever get to play, with only a few days left to wait.

Don't let that person be you.

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