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Entertainment Hero features Many types of enemies. there are enemies types that are similar to others but no enemies appear in two stages. each enemy is designed for the stage in which it appears. Here's a look at many of them!


The Gearman comes in many different colors! some of them move on rails, some of them track you down when you get too close! Study their patterns carefully and make your move! They aren't too hard to deal with.


Fireballs live in air land and they exist only to get in your way! They were once the security system of the airship but they remain active after the ship has been reduced to flying scrap! They often move in patterns with floating indicators telling you where they'll go next.

magnetic orb

The magnetic orbs appear in bubble land. they draw in debris and other obstacles and spin them around itself to hurt you. Secondarily the magnetic orbs create tall currents of water to push you back. Take out the orb to continue through the stage!


Different from Happitrolly, their happier cousins, electrolly will try to zap you when you stand on them! To complicate matters, electrolly like to be in spots where you're already in danger before you jump! Both trolly types appear in crash land, but is that really where they're from?

Electro Orb

appearing in metal land and Combining technologies from the magnetic orb and the electrolly, the electro orb surrounds itself with electricity that rotates around it to damage passersby, and that's you! These guys can't be destroyed, so you'll need to find ways around them.


bubbletroids live in bubble land, as their name implies. they like to position themselves underneath you and if you land on them they bounce you super high! As such, they like to be under spiked balls, rotating health hazards and other unfortunate obstacles. No one said this would be easy!

there are many more enemies for hero to face on his digital adventure!

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